Angular + .Net Core showcase

Angular + .Net Core showcase

Nowadays, the monolithic approach of frameworks is no longer popular. Latest frameworks tend to be more modular and cross platform. ASP.Net Core is a re-write of ASP.Net but a lot more modular when combined with Angular 4 (2+).

For a while I wanted to make example of using core with angular. Finally I have something up and running ready to show : .



The way I developed this is using interceptor for the authentication in conjunction with JWT. The backend is just mysql with entity framework. Even though recently there are a lot of popular user interface frameworks like semantic-ui, material-ui, foundation .. , etc I actually still like bootstrap. So in terms of components, I like bootstrap and I have chosen to use set provided at .
The development was a lot of fun, typescript is really nice and I hope more people adopt it. Also I like a lot that angular provides everything out of the box for use, routing, http client, bindings, rxjs, and a really nice CLI, but most importantly it enforces the component oriented development, which is something that I have been preaching for a long time. Also in terms of back-end ,it is so nice to be able to see ASP.NET CORE running on linux with ssl and finally being truly cross platform. I think it is important to mention that even in .net core 1.0 , cross platform development was possible, starting with 2.0 all of the features are finally production ready and now it is much easier to build cross platform applications with c# and .net than ever before.

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