PixiJS Experiment

PixiJS Experiment

Recently I have been experimenting with PixiJS v4. It is HTML5 Creation Engine to build beautiful digital content with fast and flexible 2D WebGL renderer. It is truly amazing library and I recommend everyone to try it and play with it. Here is also my experiment:

As you can see PIXI is capable of some pretty cool stuff and here is my basic review. I have been using it exclusively with typescript and seems to be working great, the typescript support is awesome. It is working on the top of Canvas and significantly simplifies a lot of the basic UI interaction with canvas and provides also user interactivity capability. Here is the breakdown of pros and cons:



  • no dropshadow support
  • inferior drawing api
  • no gradient fill
  • no toolkit for flash, but has some workaround

Overall I like PixiJS and will play again with it in the future, but I don’t think that PixiJS is the silver bullet to solve all of your UI problems. It is good for certain things and not so good for others. For widgets, or simple games it is perfect , but if you need something with better drawing abilities like making gradients and custom shapes, in that case you should look for other packages. Currently PIXI is not a complete solution, it only provides the rendering layer and would be really nice if it starts providing more things like timeline, audio animations editor, sync animations with audio, fine custom drawing.

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